Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ban Research

Caption: Ban Research. Stem cell research could change everything. Fact: McCain and Palin want to ban this research. Is this OK with you?


CoCreatr said...

If science has been progressing from biochemical, enzymes etc., through stem cells ultimately to genetics and cloning, I wonder what sense it makes to ban only stem cell research...

Davey said...

Sorry, this one doesn't quite pass the truth test.

1. You left a word out. "Fetal". It's fetal stem cell research they want to regulate.

2. They don't want to ban fetal stem cell research. They want to ban government funding of stem cell research. Anybody who wishes to pursue this topic with private money can go right ahead.

Other than that, this poster is perfectly true.

Julie said...

I like the sentiment, but this one is not correct. Although Paline opposes stem cells research, McCain supports it and has been running very strong ads to that effect on WTOP in Washington DC and, I presume, elsewhere.

David said...

To my mind the claim "Fact, Stem cell research could change anything", while not something I would bother to disagree with, is also so vague and speculative as to be pointless.

Yes it's a slogan but it slogans still need to be about something tangible.

Davey said...

I guess we're missing the point here. It's a poster. It's meant to appeal to emotion, not reason. Therefore, it's OK to say anything if it furthers your cause. The casual reader, which is most of us, would accept it as written and feel good about ourselves for agreeing with it. If you're going to host a website called "Print The Truth", you're obligated to do so. You missed the mark here, falling into propagandizing.

Squirlz said...

Well said everyone. Very misleading slogan and Davey makes a great point. Also, may I add that liberals like to use government money for everything. If someone would like to create another futile man-made religion by cloning people, I would rather not use my money to support such a thing.

Davey said...

I want to point out here that I did not use the old "liberal vs conservative" argument here. The poster, as written, is entirely inaccurate and misleading and whether it represents a "liberal" or "conservative" point of view is beside the point. The point is that the poster is a cliched opinion that does nothing to enlighten the reader and worse, it furthers a misconception. So, it's great propaganda, but it's a lie. Your other posters have some wit about them and express opinion, which is fine, (although I don;t have the time or the inclination to research the McCain quotes). You really ought to pull this poster down or rework it. Or change the name of the blog to something other than "Print the Truth". 'Cause it ain't true.

David said...


Do you have any examples of anyone anywhere proposing that Government money be used to

"create another futile man-made religion by cloning people"

I suspect that the overwhelming majority [myself included] would be against such a proposal, just like I would vote no on a proposition to fill the grand canyon with jelly.

As nobody is seriously suggesting it, this remains irrelevant.

Michael said...

From the McCain website:

"Senator McCain believes clear lines should be drawn that reflect a refusal to sacrifice moral values and ethical principles for the sake of scientific progress."

He supports stem cell research (as does virtually everyone, right or left) but not fetal stem cell research.

Spin that as you will (some here already have). However, he WOULD use gov't money for non-fetal stem cell research, so the "liberal" argument is out the window.

Squirlz said...


No. You didn't use the "liberals vs. conservatives" argument....I did. I was making reference to the countless number of useless gov't programs. You understand the accurate generalization.


The sentence preceding the one you quoted was not correlated the way I think you thought it was. What I meant was...

1. Some folks like to use a great deal of our money to create gov't programs at will.

2. Man worships himself most of the time (or at least he worships a God that he makes up). Cloning people is "playing God". Hence another "futile man made religion."

I am not aware of any other examples. But I can give you many examples of 1. and 2. separately....let's say 1.Welfare and 2.Scientology. This would be the first time they are brought into the same sentence, well, unless you count using tax payers money to fund schools that teach evolution. That is an example of using our money to fund a man made religion.

Squirlz said...

May I add, the "liberal" comment about creating big gov't and spending money on "programs" is a generalization, but a good one. I am not going to go into a history lesson here.

But I am not saying that Conservatives don't spend money or that anything a liberal spends money on is bad.